NTV-America (NTVA) is a private American TV station broadcasting to the Russian-speaking audience throughout North America from its state-of-the-art studios in North Bergen, New Jersey.


We started broadcasting in September 25th, 2002 and have maintained a tradition of providing the highest quality programming for Russian-speaking audience in the U.S. ever since.


Since 2002. NTVA has been broadcasting in Russian on Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Cablevision, and RCN to a steadily growing number of American Russian-speaking subscribers currently assessed at over 1.5 million viewers. Our audience are mature US residents who prefer to watch TV in their native language and have a strong interest in domestic and global current events and new television genres, such as historical documentaries, journalistic investigations and talk shows on social and political topics. Most of them live in Tristate area. More...


As an independent broadcaster, NTVA offers its Russian-speaking viewers a wide range of newscasts and analytical programs, talk shows, musical programs, TV contests, entertainment, celebrity shows and various educational programs. The professionalism of NTV's creative team is highly regarded all over the world. The company has received multiple industry awards, while its correspondents, commentators and anchors are regularly honored with top journalistic and government prizes for their work.