Rosstandard Consulting  is a global firm providing North American corporations with skilled English-speaking IT specialists on the temporary and temporary-to-permanent basis.

Triple Screening. To meet your unique hiring need, we offer you only high-class professionals. First they are pre-screened by our local associates in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Then our IT experts in the USA interview them in English to include in our large resource pool. Only after that we offer you the best-fitting candidates to be further approved by your HR.

Cost-efficiency. The off-site solutions we offer allow to promptly meet your immediate needs and reduce your costs by 25 - 50 % in most cases.

Let us know of your needs!

QA and Development

Dear IT Recruiter,

We invite you to avail of our large pool of IT resources available for prompt hire on the temporary or permanent bases. With us, you can outsource many positions with skilled IT specialists. This can be a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

All human resources in our work pool have been pre-vetted for professional qualifications and English language command. Also,

1. They are prepared to work with the U.S. employer in the U.S.time zone
2. They can start very promptly
3. The employer does not pay any benefits or salaries. All charges are B-to-B.
4. The employer does not have to make any transactions through East European banks. We are an American corporation operating under American laws and banking through Bank of America.

The procedure is very straightforward:

  • You tell us of your needs
  • We offer you one or several candidates pre-vetted by our experts and quote the cost of resources
  • You interview the candidates and advise your decision.
  • We sign a contract, and the approved resource starts working for you.
  • We invoice you weekly or bi-weekly for actual hours of work.
  • Our support is available at any time.
  • If for some reason you are not happy with your resource, we shall replace it quickly at no extra cost.

Should the employer decide to employ our IT specialist on a full-time contract, we shall gladly negotiate the terms with you and facilitate his transfer to the United States.

We realise that you are more interested in recruiting for permanent positions. However the demand for short-term contracts is huge, and shall be happy to discuss with you how we could best fill this niche in the market.

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