Day 14. Lake Baikal - Neutrino Laboratory

Did you ever wonder what our world - not our planet, but the whole Universe - is made of? We did, and made arrangements with the Director of Russian Neutrino Research Observatory to visit their Laboratory in the wild woods on the bank of Lake Baikal.


In gist, this is an international astrophysical project where scientists are using the 1.5 km depth of the crystal Lake Baikal water as a super telescope to track neutrino coming through Earth from the other end of the planet- mind boggling! This is where human intelligence digs into the very origin of the Universe - or Multiverse, since they believe there are multiple Universes...

lab1 lab2
Laboratory view from the lake        A little research center busy unveiling the mysteries of creation...

Neutrinos have so much energy and are so small that the only way to track them is by the flashes of their encounters with other particles. Studying them may bring us to understanding, or rather, starting to understand, the mystery of gravitation and hypothetical Dark Matter thought to account for approximately 85% of theĀ matterĀ in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density.

kostya winter
Dr. Konischev, Senior Researcher on a 2-month duty shift at the Baikal Neutrino Laboratory

They are constantly augmenting the length of the telescope to eventually bring it to 2000 meters.

telescope1 telescope2
The telescope is located 4 km off shore and is accessible only in winter, when the ice is strong enough.

It would be impolite to leave without a swim in Lake Baikal regardless the water temperature, so I and Oleg immersed. Felt great!


End of Journey, mission accomplished! See more pictures in the Album next

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